Home Lifts – Comfort and Advantages

As times have changed, we have seen a transformation from what used to be people’s wishes earlier, has now have turned into their needs. Luxuries have changed to basic requirements and what previously used to be available for the rich and the niche audience is now being used by people from all walks of life.

Earlier, no one could think of having elevators in their homes. People thought of it as an unnecessary expense that could easily be avoided. But now, many can’t imagine a life without a lift. The truth is that home elevators provide several interesting advantages. Home elevators are now considered to be a practical addition in the lifestyles of many people. With a change in the way people lead their lives, homeowners are now seen adopting the idea of installing an elevator in their homes in order to add value and also make lifestyle more comfortable. Even when it comes to security, home elevators meet all the requirements that come under construction safety.

Comforts and Advantages:

  • Easily Affordable:

Many feel that installing a personal lift in their homes might be extremely costly, but that is a wrong notion. On the contrary, the cost is considered to be much lower than the traditional one. It is easier on the pockets, not only in terms of installation and materials but also the civil work requirements, maintenance and preservation costs are considered to be on the lower side.

  • Low maintenance and user-friendly:

In all the conventional elevators installed in buildings, their maintenance is due every month, periodically. However, in home elevators, maintenance is supposed to be carried out once, every four months. This is said to be a considerable saving compared to maintaining a traditional elevator. Apart from that, when it comes to maintaining a home lift, it is not that hard to clean nor does it take a lot of time to maintain it. Therefore, they can be easily kept in top condition, without much effort. On the other hand, compared to conventional lifts, home lifts are extremely user-friendly. Whether an elderly person is making use of it, or someone with specific health issues, or Children anyone can easily operate the home lift.

  • Accessibility:

The biggest advantage of having a lift inside a home is that it improves accessibility. It helps get access to all floors with great ease. A home lift is considered as an excellent alternative if one has a curved or narrow staircase. Thus, a private elevator is the key to maintaining a high level of mobility.

  • IncreasesProperty Value:

Although not many may believe it, installing home lifts can increase the value of that person’s home. A house lift helps to open up the market in case one tries to resell their house. Having installed a lift is a major advantage for those buyers with accessibility requirements. Therefore, if one ever considers their home as a monetary asset, they might consider installing a residential elevator as it pays off, in the long run. The list of potential buyers increases when they know that the house has an elevator as it eliminates inconvenience for people who are not quite mobile. 

  • Practicality:

It is not necessary to have reduced mobility to install a home lift. A house lift helps minimize daily occurrences such as climbing steps and delivering heavy objects from one floor to another. A home lift makes a top choice for many people who want to eliminate legwork in their day-to-day life.  Home lifts ensure luxury as well as comfort to people in their own homes.

Luxury Elevators! A Definition of Class!

Elevators initially started as luxury items that only an elite class could afford or commercial spaces owned by elite people. As years passed, people realized the importance of having luxury items. No longer did were elevators viewed as a luxury item, but were rather thought of as a necessity. In today’s times, rarely one would find a building sans an elevator. People often buy a house only after getting to know whether proper elevator services will be provided or not. But lifts aren’t just a necessity. They can also be a luxury if one chooses accordingly.  

Luxury lifts are specially designed and installed based on the user’s taste. Normal elevators have specific detailed designs and specifications that follow certain prototypes. When it comes to luxury lifts, one has the freedom to decide what specific designs they would like and what interiors can be included. So whether one would like to go for a traditional looking lift or a stylish looking elevator with modern interior touches, A V CAM is the one-stop-destination that will fulfill your wishes.

While talking about luxury lifts, it is imperative to know what truly defines it. A luxury elevator is defined by a lot many factors. The first thing that draws attention is the use of latest technology. One of the reasons why luxury elevators cost more than the normal ones is because the latest advancements in elevators are first included in luxury lifts. While talking about the latest technological advancements, lighting is also another important aspect one needs to bear in mind. With more illumination and lesser power consumption, luxury lifts make use of LED lights. Normally found in high-end elevators, this is one of the best way to save resources and contribute a little to the environment.

The second factor is the tailor-made design. Luxury lifts have specific designs based on their locations. Apart from that, even the finish of the elevator and the materials used are also high-end which makes up of one of the characteristics of a luxury elevator. Usually, one is capable of finding stainless steel or wooden flooring. Sometimes, even floors with ceramic or textile finishes are incorporated to give a touch of sophistication and class.

Thirdly, luxury lifts are expensive. They mostly serve a niche audience who has an advance level of style, taste, and mostly, money. Compared to standard elevators, luxury lifts come with more features, are more enhanced and more stylish, as well, thus costing more than the usual elevators.

While many might think why one needs to go for a high-end elevator instead of a standard one when both indulge in the same task of transporting people from one floor to another. Let’s get to the concerning point. Luxury elevators are more of an investment than a purchase.  When one installs a luxury lift in their building or their bungalow, they are indirectly instrumental in increasing the value of their property. It is said that an estimate of 40% increase in the price is possible if one goes in for a high-end elevator rather than a standard one. It’s better to invest in an elevator that comes with good quality features.

While talking about high-end elevators, it is important to stress how advantageous they are to the environment. In today’s times, we tend neglect environment while looking forward to more technological advancements. Resources are being used up in an injudicious manner which raises concerns for the future. Although luxury lifts are in the expensive side, they are worth considering if we wish to survive on this earth a little longer. High-end elevators come with features that save power consumption. Also, the efficiency of luxury elevators helps in preserving the natural environment by reducing its impact.

A V Cam walks hand-in-hand with the development of the smart world. In fact, it also plays a role in creating a better version of the world where man and nature co-exist. Luxury elevators are the big leap that acts like a bridge between the environment and the people. Apart from that, high-end elevators also help in setting an example in the society. An example of class and sophistication! It is indeed a one-stop-shop for all your wants as well as desires. 

Check Elevators for Safety Features

In this fast paced world, we have seen technology advance at an accelerating speed. But what people miss out on is taking measures that serve as precautions. Technology has helped gain power, but with great power we are also entrusted with responsibility. And in order to show that we are responsible, we must ensure safety for all times to come. Safety must always be our priority. And at A V CAM, safety is our prerogative when we cater to our clients.

Known to be the manufacturer of best elevators and elevator spares, we are very serious about the security of our clients and customers.  We adhere to strict codes and standards of safety. Our book on safety is like our Bible and we, its devoted followers. The safety codes include a variety of features that considerably reduce the chances of getting involved in an accident. A V CAM provides many safety features such as the follows.

1.Elevator Door Sensors:

A V CAM provides door sensors for passengers for their safety. The door sensors are used in order to sense whether someone is there in-between the doors or not. It can be hazardous to get stuck between doors. Lots of people try to enter the lift at the last moment, and to save them, high quality door sensors are provided by A V CAM. They sense if there’s any human presence and automatically remain open.

2. Elevator Integrated Drive:

The Integrated Drive basically help control the speed at which elevators go. They prevent the lift from jerking or suddenly stopping. A V CAM provide the safest drive In which ensure that the speed of the lift is perfect and the passengers inside are safe as well.

3. Emergency Alarm Switch for Elevators:

This switch is installed for the passengers in the lift. If you find the lift is stopped and intercom system is not working or has halt then at that time you can press this Alarm button. Also, if the elevator is stuck in between two floors, then resort to pushing the emergency alarm button. On pushing the button a high pitched noise is created which alerts other people in the building.

4.Buffers in Elevator Pits:

The buffer device is specifically designed to put a descending car to a halt. It also helps when the lift is over-burdened as the force with which the elevator runs into the pit during emergencies is softened by the buffers. There are three types of buffers – Spring Buffer, Rubber Buffer & Oil Buffer and it depends on what kind of lift is installed.

5. Emergency Telephone in Elevators:

Known all over the country as the best manufacturers of elevators and elevator spares, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to the safety and security of the people we serve. Emergency telephones are installed for people to contact the service people when they are stuck in lifts. The call directly connects the person stuck in the lift to the engineer who can help the person get out of the situation.

6.     Elevator Latch for Emergency Evacuation:

The latch for the emergency evacuation is an important safety feature. The latch provides a kind of outlet in case the car is jammed. This latch is located in the ceiling of most of the cabins. People who are stuck and when doors cannot be opened, then the latch opens an outlet from where people can be pulled out safely.

There are also other ways to improve safety in elevators:

  • Well lighted lifts reduces the fear of accidents and makes people feel safer.
  • We have built a two-way voice communication system in order to make passengers feel safe.
  • For better accessibility and prevention of accident, interior doors and automatic landing doors have been made available.
  • A V CAM has perfected landing in order to avoid people from stumbling and getting injured.

These are the key features that A V CAM is extremely particular about. Our commitment and dedication has helped us reach a benchmark in the industry. At A V CAM, we understand how security has become essential. Too many lives are put at risk when elevators do not have proper security features. Therefore, we understand and make it mandatory to not go ahead unless all security features are incorporated.

We believe that the future will only be bright and inspired if we can show that the future is safe enough. At A V CAM, we manufacture things by keeping the safety of people in mind. Even at the heart of A V CAM operations, we have the safety of our employees and subcontractors along with the people whom we cater to. And therefore, we want to move on and continue to develop our products in order to achieve our goal of causing zero accidents. One can notice our active participation in the development of codes and standards to improve the safety of our elevators.

Our very tag line indicates how much we stress in safety measures. The tag line is, “Assuring Safety, Inspiring Future”.

Characteristics and Measurements of Hospital Lifts

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a Hospital is a place where people who are ill or injured are treated and taken care of by doctors and nurses. The word hospital comes from the Latin word “hospes”which means a guest or stranger. While the word patient comes from “patior” which means to suffer. Thus, a hospital is a place where strangers who are suffering come to be looked after.

Historical records show that good and efficient hospitals were built in India by the 600 BC.  Many kings like Ashoka and Akbar had a flourishing system of hospitals and healthcare. However, the modern system of medicine in India was introduced in the 17th by the Christian missionaries in South India. Later, the British Empire set up the Madras General Hospital, the first hospital, in Chennai in the year 1664.

Developments and inventions played a very significant role during this time.In 1852, Elisha Otis introduced the safety elevator, which prevents the fall of the cab if the cable is broke. The design of this elevator is very similar to what we use today in our modern elevator. On March 23rd 1857, the first Otis passenger elevator was installed in a building in New York.

As time passed, lifts started becoming more and more common. One of the biggest users of lift is hospitals. The reason for this is that the hospitals are places where a lot of mobility happens, both in terms of people, as well as medical equipments. In such situations, patients who need to be transported from one place to the other need a safe and efficient space to do so. Thus, the elevators have to be specially designed to meet all the necessary requirements.

The basic characteristics and measurements are as follows:

  • Load, Floor Area and Capacity of persons

According to European regulations, the lift should have a nominal load of 100 kilos with a minimum floor area of 0.28 sq. meters and a maximum floor area of 0.37 sq. meters.

It is normal to install a lift in such buildings that have a nominal load of atleast 1000 kilos and can fit upto 13 people.

  • Electric Elevators V/s Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic elevators use lesser space (because they are in the shape of cylinder). They can travel upto 60 feet with a speed of 200 feet/minute. They use a fluid driven piston mounted inside a cylinder.

Electric elevators are faster and have a suspension system with a counterweight. An electric elevator uses sheaves and cables to take an elevator up and down.

  • Efficiency and Availability

Hospitals are places where a lot of people are present under one roof. But, there are certain instances wherein specific things are a priority as compared to others. For example, transfer of patients, transfer of beds to rooms or operating rooms, movements of food trolley and more. Here, the waiting time should be minimal, as these tasks need to be carried out quickly and efficiently. Thus, the lifts need to be equipped with all the latest technological advances. Moreover, the lifts should be built in a way that they reduce noise pollution and do not cause sudden jerks or movements.

  • Accessibility

In hospitals, one of the most important usages of lifts is to transfer stretchers or beds, which have patients, from one place to another. Now, this comes with a lot of difficulties and thus, it is important to have a well executed plan that takes all these problems into consideration. It should make sure that the entry and exit of the beds or stretchers should be quick and hassle free. Also, the doors should be designed properly so as to assure an efficient journey

  • Security

Since lifts are used so frequently, it is necessary to see that they are being maintained regularly. They need to abide by the safety measurements, including outbreak of fire and protection systems, so as to prevent future problems.

Moreover, basic safety elements like action parachute, emergency lights, alarm button, phone, visual and acoustic signaling for when the maximum load has exceeded as well as for detection in loosening of suspension cables or mechanic rescue aids should be installed in every lift

  • Energy Efficiency

Since lifts are used so frequently, it’s necessary to ensure that they are energy efficient. They should include a system of traction by variable frequency (VVVF). It basically allows saving the power by using a hydraulic traction system, instead of an electric one.

  • Electromagnetic compatibility

In certain areas in the hospitals, the EMC is lower than usual, because of the presence of equipments which also have electromagnetic effects and thus there is a risk of coupling effects that can generate interferences in the working of these devices. So, the lifts should be built in a way to incorporate this problem and reduce these emissions.

  • Hygiene

The lifts in hospitals should not only be clean but should be disinfected regularly. The elevator pit should be waterproof and the cabin must be made of anti-bacterial materials, so as to assure the good health of the patients.

  • Emergency lifts

It is necessary to have emergency lifts in all public buildings, including a hospital. It should have a minimum load of 630 kilos and must be able to complete its entire journey in about 60 seconds.

Elevators are considered to be the most important room in buildings that have more than 3 storeys. It is hard to imagine living in a building that has no elevator. Buildings where elevators are present are considered to be synonymous to comfort. Apart from having an elevator it is more important to look after its maintenance. Cleaning the lifts is also part of lift maintenance. Here is something that will help you get a clear idea of what we mean.

The elements of the lift that require cleaning:

Door Rails: The most noticeable elements in thelift include doors, mirrors, floors and buttons. No one notices the door rails. But it is equally important to keep them clean. It is very easy for dirt to get collected at the door rails, which can affect the functioning of the lift. When dirt gets clogged at door rails, the door do not shut properly thus causing problems in functioning of the lift. Abrush serves to be more convenient to get all the dust particles like paper. Apart from that even vacuum cleaners serve the purpose by sucking stubborn particles and cleaning the rails.

The door and walls: Most of the lifts have doors and walls made of stainless steel. The cleanliness of such material needs to be done with great care and detailed attention. To obtain perfect results, it is advisable to make use of microfiber cloth. Soaking the cloth in vinegar helps in cleaning the lift spotlessly. Apart from that, one can also make use of liquids that are available in stores and are used specifically to clean stainless-steel items.

Pit: The pit is the area that is ignored by everyone. In India, many also use it as a place where people can dispose off their garbage. Although one never pays attention to that area, it does not mean that the pit should be completely ignored. One may not find any use of it, but one should neither continue dirtying it. The only way to avoid dirtying it and keeping it clean is by not using it as a dust chute. Apart from that, it is the duty of the company or the professionals who do the service of the lift to look after the cleanliness of the pit. The pit needs to be cleaned at least once a month.

Buttons and lights: It is okay to use a damp cloth for cleaning lights and buttons as long as they are not corrosive. It is advisable to use a degreaser to clean the buttons and not any substance that has caustic soda included in it. Also, people need to check whether the buttons and the emergency service works properly or not because if not, then one really needs to look out for what substance is being used to clean the lift.

Mirrors and Floors: Floors are the first thing that gets dirty, no matter how many times one cleans it. And another area is the mirror. Dust easily sets on them, thus making them look filthy. For the floors, soapy water or mopping is fine to get them cleaned. Mirrors must be cleaned the way windows are cleaned, with basic glass cleaner.

How to go about it?

A cleaning methodology is extremely essential. The areas that were mentioned above must be kept clean at all times. In case cleaning does not happen on a regular basis, even then, the parts of the lift mentioned above need to be kept dust-free. Cleaning of lifts must be done at times when the traffic is almost zilch. Avoid hours that have more movement of people. The best time to clean the lift is early in the morning. If the cleaning requires more detailing, it is advisable to stop the functioning of the lift for some time. Although a little inconvenient, it is only for the greater good that regular cleaning must be done.

Cleaning issues created in elevators:

The cleaning and the maintenance of the lift depends how frequently it is used and what purpose does it solve. Elevators have different uses in residential, commercial, and industrial areas. There are elevators that also serve for sanitary use.

Elevators in Residences:

These elevators are used almost every 5 minutes. While there is always someone or the other using the lift, it tends to get dirty easily. Plus, elevators in residential areas also have children using lifts which makes it more prone to dirt and dust. Residential elevators are also used transport garbage and therefore stains are produced because of those. An elevator’s biggest enemy is removals as they cause damage as well as soil it.

Commercial Use:

Cleaning in such areas need to be extremely exquisite as companies need to have a high turnover of people. These lifts do not get as dirty as the residential lifts, but nonetheless they need to be kept spotlessly clean.

Industrial Use:

Here, forklifts are used in order to carry heavy goods. These elevators need to be maintained and kept clean at all times because their usage is of a completely different kind. More attention is required to maintain this lift.

Sanitary Use:

Elevators in hospitals and health centers need to be clean as they cannot afford any bacteria or dirt to be present which can harm the patients. Also, dirty elevators arouse a sense of distrust in the patients that come there. Thus clean elevators in such places are a big must.

If the lift is maintained properly right from the start, there are less chances of anything going wrong with it. Hence, cleanliness of elevators in any area is an absolute must as it keeps a lot of issues at bay as well as saves money in the long run.

A New Step towards the future of elevators

How many times do we actually think about elevators? How often do we ponder on the effects it has, the benefits it gives, and towards which direction is the world of elevators is heading? Although not much thought is given to lifts, the only time we happen to think about them is when we are actually in one, or when you have to climb a long flight of stairs. Other feelings are that of congestion, claustrophobia, awkwardness etc. Did you know that there are seven billion elevator journeys taking place on a daily basis in all the tall buildings across the globe? Now that’s a lot to take into consideration. We all talk about going green and buying electrical cars. If the figures are to be trusted, then by 2050 there will be a 70% hike in the number of journeys made by the elevators. Keeping the rising population in mind, as well as the rising water levels in the water bodies, builders are forced to build taller buildings as that’s the best way to accommodate a lot of people.

Now think of the amount of power consumption that will go into making these lifts work. When times are changing, we too need to step up and start thinking in a direction which will save the earth. For a long time we have misused the resources the earth so graciously provided us. Newer elevators have emerged that have started going green. Every little contribution at every step is what will save this earth from getting choked on pollution.

There are still many lifts that rely on traditional technology which makes use of heavy clunky cabins and unsafe lubricants which is not only heavy on the pockets but also on the environment. An average lift in huge buildings must be weighing around 3500kgs-4000kgs. Now this is the weight of a lift that is traditionally made. Imagine the amount of power it would require to lift such an elevator. Not to forget that people’s weight has not been added yet. Add that, and the power consumption gets higher than before. It is highly uneconomical. This is one of the main reasons why we need to look at greener lifts. It not only lifts up the weight of power consumption but also lifts up the pressure we put on the environment. Usually elevators account between 2-10 percent of the building’s energy use.

We understand that replacing an entire elevator system can result in a huge capital expenditure. But a more economical way to go around it is to adopt little nuances that can help you do your bit for the conservation of nature. There are a wide range of cost-saving innovations available for traditional elevator systems. The reason behind the evolution of green elevators was to reduce power consumption as much as possible. When it comes to looking at more economical and environment friendly options, it is always advisable to invest in green elevators.

So how does the lift help save power, you may ask?

To start with baby steps, many lifts have started making use of LED lights that consume less power and also lasts up to 20 times longer than the usual ones that are installed. Apart from that, the paint that is used is water soluble and the construction material used to make the lift is recycled.

Another kind elevator is the one that sleeps when not being used. How so? The sleeping elevator automatically turns off the lights, fan and also de-activates its drive (but only temporarily) until someone calls for the lift.

Regenerative drives: There are also those kinds of elevators that don’t stop at consuming less energy but they also give something back. Regenerative drive systems also recovers energy from what is let out heat and they give it to the building’s electrical system by producing power for air conditioning and lighting. Apart from that, it also saves money required for machine-room cooling. We have used up the earth’s resources in the most callous ways possible. We do not realize that even the little steps in our day to day lives;can go a long way in saving the nature. With the increase in the number of population, power consumption is soon going to become a huge issue. In many cities, people experience power-cuts almost every day. At such times, we really need to think of alternative solutions that can help us in the long run. Apart from that by making use of recycled construction material, we are producing less garbage and putting it for better use.

What if Elevators didn’t exist tomorrow?

Much has been said about the convenience that comes with an elevator. Apart from being a means of transportation, elevators are a means of comfort and luxury for thousands across the globe. The invention was a boon and centuries after the first elevator was build, it eases out the lives of people.

The invention led to high rise buildings in place of two-storeyed or three-storeyed building. It instilled confidence in people and served the purpose of reaching the highest floor with ease. However, what about monuments that we built in days that didn’t have elevators? There are a great number of historical buildings in this world that are sky-scrappers and elevators were installed much later in them.

However, what if someone said that elevators no more exist and the one you’re currently using is the only one left? Scary isn’t it? To climb stairs has been out of habit for quite some time now. People tend to take an elevator for the first floor itself. Of course those with disability or age use it out of sheer circumstances but for those who are just lazy or have fallen prey to the habit of using it will think twice.

Earlier, when elevators were not in use as much, people would take stairs. By doing this, they would stay fit and would feel energised to have climbed up the floors. Elevators where an invention that left many clueless and scared because of its working and speedy movement. However, with time, each person got used to using an elevator.

We would like to bring certain historically important buildings to debate in this discussion.

One of the most famous and ancient monument is the Eiffel tower. It is a world heritage site and a symbol of love. Thousands travel every year to see this great beauty. This structure is a milestone in the world history. The monument not only had elevators incorporated in it since the inception but also strong and sustainable elevators that could carry multiple person at a time. The original elevators did see restoration and renovation in the early 20th century but even today, the other two original elevators remain intact as they were.

Another great monument to have elevator is the Shanghai Tower. This tower is said to have elevators that are the fastest in the world. Often referred to as “Formula One Elevators” the towers allow people to get a glimpse of Shanghai at 18 meter per second speed. The elevators of this particular monument have increased the visitors for this great tower and is an interesting experience for anyone and everyone.

Everyone has heard of the Empire State building of the United States of America. It is one of the tallest buildings of America and twenty eighth highest building in the world. Despite of the mishaps that this historic building has seen, it stands tall at a height with eighty six floors with several elevators. This sky scrapper allows people to see the entire New York from the top floor and to see this magnificent building and an even better city, the elevators guide their way to people.

Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand has is an observation tower. This sky scrapper is 610 feet tall and is a beauty to behold. The beauty of Auckland can truly be discovered and observed from the top of this tower. Of course to reach there seems a challenge but since its inception, the Tower has elevators. The Sky Tower has glass fronted elevators with a glass floor for a heightened thrill. It takes about 40 seconds to travel to the top of the tower.

The Bailong Elevator in the People’s Republic of China is the highest and heaviest outdoor elevator in the world. It is 326 meters high and is in the Wulingyuan area of Zhangjiajie, China. It is a glass elevator that allows people to witness the scenic beauty of the cliffs and greenery around. At the top of the cliff, viewers can get an excellent view of the surrounding area, including the tall quartzite sandstone pillars that go up to 2600 feet. It is one of the most stunning of the remarkable and tall elevators in the world.

The BurjKhalifa in the United Arab Emirates is one of the most visited, viewed and tallest sky scrapper of the world. It stands at about 2723 feet height. There are several elevators in this giant tower and because of them, this tower is known for the fastest elevators in the world. The elevators in this tower run at a speed of forty miles per hour. The elevators are double decker in nature. They became the highest installed elevators in the world along with being the longest elevator at 1654 feet height.

Another historic monument that survived the course of time is the Qutub Minar in New Delhi, India. The tower is one of the tallest in India and has nearly 369 stairs. The heritage development board of India wanted to maintain the originality of this great monument and thus, refrained from installing an Elevator in this Minar.

With such beautiful towers and sites to behold in this world, one might question the longevity of what exists today. However, whilst one might think what if elevators fail to exist anymore, it also questions the next big thing on the block or maybe consider it to be a healthy way of living. However, till the time, they do exist and we hope they exist for a long time, do not exploit an elevator. Regularly service your elevator and appoint a professional maintenance team for the elevator to survive the test of time. 

It’s a “Dizzy” affair!

Let’s start this week’s blog by going back into the history, when the elevators had just picked up pace. Their usage increased significantly in the 21st century when builders and contractors moved towards modernization.

A building that was previously two storeyed, went on to become a multi-storeyed building. Be it Commercial building or residential buildings, all types of establishments started having elevators, for the ease of movement of the in-going and out-going people.

However, as new was the concept was the elevator, so was the feeling of moving in. Even today, some people feel giddy or dizzy after traveling in one. Ever wondered why?

When one enters an elevators, he/she doesn’t feel anything except the readiness or hurry to reach the level desire. But as the elevator advances towards the desired elevator, something strange starts to happen. This feeling is often felt in the stomach or in the brain.

This is because our gravitational forces keeps us close to the ground. A perfect example of this would be when one accidently falls down. Instead of staying mid-air, one falls on the ground.

An elevator when moves upwards, it moves against the gravitation force of the earth. This creates a strange tingling in the stomach which makes us feel dizzy or unusual. This can also be felt when the elevator reaches a certain level. Because it stops suddenly after such a hurried movement, it leaves the passenger in an altogether different feeling.

Thus, certain elevators have multiple safety-gears and accelerating frames for a sound and smooth halt of an elevator. This depends from elevator to elevator. While some might not feel dizzy or unusual after an elevator, other feel extremely vertiginous. Thus, the next time you take an elevator and feel dizzy after reaching your destination, take deep breathes and stand at a place for regaining composure.

Safety measures while Elevator Installation

Installing an Elevator is no child’s play and requires utmost accuracy, detail and attention. With such competition in today’s time, elevator companies often miss out on the most important part of installation; safety.

An elevator may take two-to-six weeks, depending on the type of elevator, to be installed. While, this may seem enough time to install an elevator, there are numerous aspects, a team needs to keep in mind.

From setting up columns in a place to adding the carriage to assembling to the final testing of elevator, minute and intricate details require ample time for assembling, installation, testing and modifying of the elevator.

Thus, as simple and technical as this process seems, it is equally important and comprehensive. Giant companies or dealers many a times, do not take adequate safety measures. But, here we are, at your disposal, suggesting you a couple of guidelines to keep in mind during an elevator installation process.

Whether you are working in the process or are a passer-by on the actual site of installation, do not ignore any safety signs. Safety signs save you from getting severely injured. Also, if you are working in the installation process, make sure to use your safety gear and start only after thorough induction.

One mustn’t meddle with loose wires or partly installed doors or windows. Do not get too close to an open shaft, for you might lose your balance and severely injure yourself by falling in the hollow.

If one finds an irregularity in an instrument or setting, one must immediately report to the authorities. Keep in mind to not step into unknown waters and take charge without help.

For workers working on site, instead of carrying heavy weight items or tools yourself, use a fork-lift or trolley instead. Carrying heavy items can cause serious back injuries.

While at a height, one must keep safe distance from the edge. Getting too close can be dangerous for one doesn’t know of the liquid substances or other items on the floor.

Technical know-how is the most important aspect here. Partial knowledge is no knowledge at all. Thus, if you find yourself lost or confused at some step, do not hesitate to take help from your fellow worker.

If you see elevator installation going on around you or if you are involved in the process, make sure to keep the surroundings, neat and tidy.

If an elevator is under testing, do not get too close to the process, for it can prove to be dangerous for you. Remember, your loved ones await your presence!

While working in the elevator installation process, make sure to use gloves. There is electricity, nails, hammers and other sharp objects involved in this process. Thus, save yourself from injury and use the right quality gloves where necessary.

When the day is over and your process is to be continued the next day, make sure to use safety lights or barricades or bulbs at least 5 meter away from the installation place. This helps people watch their step and keep from getting injured.

Thus, with so many given and many more safety measures, make sure you take utmost care while erecting an elevator. Being responsible is a sign of sensibility and to be sensible is good. A V Cam Corporation Ltd, aims at providing quality elevator solutions and elevator spare solutions at the right time in the right place. For us, safety is a prerequisite. We make sure that our customers get cent percent results out of our products. We not only manufacture elevators but design, install and test them, and only after thorough checking, we hand over the final product to our customers.

Did you know there was a thing like “Elevator Etiquettes”?

Amazed right? Until now, we have heard about table etiquettes, eating etiquettes, even dressing etiquettes, but not elevator etiquettes. Elevator etiquettes are a unique gesture in themselves and must be followed.

There are interesting etiquettes which are easy to follow. Etiquettes in general are followed to avoid mess or chaos in this case. They are fairly simple and common and almost 70% of the world follows these guidelines.

When waiting for the elevator to reach your floor, one must stand on the left side. This gives an easy passage for the passengers coming out of the elevator. Also, this avoids a crowd or chaos that may cause a stampede or injuries.

Another etiquettes one must follow is that if an elevator is full, one mustn’t try to make space and travel in an overloaded elevator. This may cause damage to the elevator and its spares. Instead, one must wait for the elevator to come back or take stairs if one is in a hurry.

This etiquette is one that everyone should follow. Talking loudly can cause disturbance to people around you. Some might have a hearing problem or some might simply get irritated. Hence, one must refrain from using mobile phones in an elevator or talking loudly.

There are a number of etiquettes that one must follow while using an elevator like not fidgeting with the elevator panel, holding the elevator for someone if you see them coming towards it, not trying to stop the elevator with a hand or leg, stepping aside for the ones at the back who wish to get out and others.

Following a basic decorum not only makes you disciplined but proves to be beneficial for the elevator and its longevity.